Everyday new technologies are on heap in order to produce safe meat products always in the food industry. But, this is not the only thing that requires attention. There are some strict compliance associated with the meat industry that are required to maintain hygiene, disinfection, drainage and waste traps of the overall meat industry and whole warehouse where meat production is taking place. Frequent monitoring takes place in and out the industry, so meeting the safety criteria is extremely important.


In meat processing plants, the meat floors and heavy equipments run in an environment where physical, mechanical and chemical loads are in ample amount and becomes the reason of high and low temperature, harmful gases, detergents, etc. This is the point where the installation of USDA meat cutting floors comes in handy. The epoxy floors installation provides the self leveling floors which are based on epoxy resins and makes the aggressive agents, salt solutions, alkalis, and disinfectants all free from resistance. Moreover, the epoxy floors meet all the guidelines set by European standards that are mandatory to approve the workstation of meat processing industries. Some worth noticing properties or features of epoxy floors for meat industry includes:


  • Best known for decorative flooring options
  • Excellent features of self-leveling epoxy floors
  • Comes with the ability to comply with hygiene requirements
  • Conveniently damage repair quality
  • Withstand heavy wash down, impact and chemical attack
  • Ability to withstand high static and dynamic load
  • Have no space for molds, yeasts and other microorganisms

This way, epoxy floors are designed specially to meet the above guidelines, but in the meantime, it’s very important to choose the right contractor according to the needs of your facility, who never compromise on the work quality of craftsmanship and authenticity of the material used.